NEW ADVENTURE IN ZAGREB, 2017 – Sava River Kayaking

We decided to refresh our offer of day adventures in and around the Croatian capital Zagreb. It wasn’t hard to choose since one of the freshest places is right in the middle of the city, waiting to be explored.

Sava River is definitely one of the favourite recreational spots for Zagreb residents. We love the fact that it still hasn’t been exploited touristically and every time we come here we find that same breath of peace and calmness. It’s like a green island in the middle of a concrete sea, a natural border between Old Zagreb and New Zagreb. Local people come here to walk, cycle, fish or just breathe some fresh air and relax. Our way of exploring the river will be with easy kayaking while enjoying the nature and outdoors. Your guide will tell you about the history of rafting and the way that everyday life was connected with the river in the past. You will learn a lot about real life in Zagreb and get valuable information that you won’t find in tourist guidebooks.

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