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Go Explore Croatia is a project that was born out of love towards nature, travel and adventure.

We are Gorana & Davor, founders of Go Explore Croatia and real outdoor enthousiasts. Our adventure travel agency is specialised in hiking, cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, canoeing, rafting and yoga adventures. The goal is to show you real Croatia through different outdoor activities – amazing National Parks, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and famous old towns, but also the most remote corners of our country and off the beaten path locations that even many local people don’t know about. Although we can accommodate different group sizes we like to work with small groups because it gives us the opportunity to connect with all our guests and visit hidden places without spoiling them. So if you decide to travel or partner with us as an agency you can definitely expect an individual approach and responsible travel.


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Croatia is a small but a very varied piece of land where the mountains, plains, forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, coast and more than 1000 islands work together to create an ideal setting for adventure. We always prefer to leave motor vehicles behind and let our legs carry us, sit on a bike or take a boat and paddle to explore this beautiful nature slowly, quietly and with awareness. Whether it’s one of our day trips, multi day tours or an original tailor made adventure that was designed just for you, we promise you an authentic experience where you will breathe some fresh air, get your body moving, immerse yourself into the colorful sights and learn about the local culture and tradition.

Many years of working in the adventure travel field and experience in tourism showed us that safety comes first. That’s why you will be in the hands of not only licensed but also responsible and knowledgeable guides that will lead you through the experience. Good stories, fun approach, some interesting Croatian history, camping fire in the evening or a nice song played on an instrument are always a plus that we like our guides to be able to offer to our guests.

Another side of the story is the impact that our activities have on the planet and the people. Through our actions we do our best to give meaning to the words responsible and sustainable tourism, environmental protection and permaculture. Since we offer very different levels of comfort depending on the specific travel requests and since this type of activities often requires private coaches and a fairly complicated logistics, we use motor vehicles quite a bit, it’s unavoidable. But we try to balance that as much as we can. We recycle, have projects that include cleaning the rivers and beaches. We are currently working on a carbon neutral trip that we hope to release very soon. Local economy and collaboration with local communities is an important aspect of our business. Including them in our packages by organising meals with the local families, using family-run hotels or contracting small local service providers contributes both to their wellbeing and the quality of the services that we offer.

All in all, our mission is to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience to all our outdoor enthousiasts. We hope to share some good moments with you and adventure with you soon!



We can’t think of any person whatsoever that doesn’t like Davor. Words that describe him well are authentic, sincere and lovable. We also don’t know a person with so many nicknames, but most people call him Trevor – don’t ask why, no one knows:)

Davor is one of the co-founders of Go Explore Croatia. He is a real outdoor enthusiast, passionately in love with nature and outdoor sports, especially kayaking, paragliding and hiking. And also very passionate about searching for and buying outdoor equipment (his friends will understand this sentence very well:)

He has more than 13 years of experience as outdoor guide. He is a certified guide by the International Rafting Federation, cycling guide, Zagreb city guide and mountain leader.

In his free time he enjoys learning all things related to sustainability and he is passionate about saving the Earth and minimising the ecological footprint. He also enjoys travelling very much. One of his many successful expeditions worth mentioning is a climb to Mt Blanc! Davor’s travels throughout Croatia and beyond, both as a guide and outdoorsman, have provided him with valuable insights into our cultural and natural heritage which he will gladly share with you.


If you look at our Tripadvisor page, you will see the name Ivan many times, followed by nice adjectives and numerous compliments. We are very lucky to have Ivan on our team. Go Explore Croatia wouldn’t have come this far without him.

Ivan has a background in nature studies and cultivates a profound love for plant & animal world. Our team has travelled together many times and we still can’t get enough of observing Ivan talking to plants and taking endless photos of fascinating animals. We like to say he is tough on the outside but soft on the inside:)

He has been working as outdoor guide for more than 13 years. He is a certified guide by the International Rafting Federation, cycling guide and outdoor guide. He is very well educated and has a lot of guiding experience so if you get him as your guide you can be sure to have interesting talks and find out a lot about Croatia and this region.

In his free time Ivan enjoys agriculture following permacultural principles and holds a degree in permaculture. He lives in Zagreb but not for long as his dream of living outside the city is finally coming true, with new projects coming up!


Lovro started with his hiking adventures before he could even walk. On his dad’s back. His parents are the reason he is a real nature lover today.

Up until college he practiced whitewater kayaking as a competitor and later on added rafting competitions to his CV. He has been working as a rafting guide from mid 2000s and as outdoor guide from 2012. In the meantime he practiced different sports like mountain biking, triathlon, in-line speed skating, volleyball and judo, some of them as coach. He has been skiing since he was 5 and working as a licensed skiing instructor for more than 10 years (ISIA international licence). In 2018 he obtained his Whitewater Rescue Technician – Professional certificate.

He has lived in Zagreb his whole life, but prefers to spend time in nature enjoying rivers, mountains and forests. Actively and passively. He is fond of adrenaline but also likes to chill surrounded by nature, that’s his real home. He prefers his hammock over any bed.

His favourite job is working as outdoor guide because of the setting, sharing natural beauties with others and meeting people from other places and cultures. He heartily confirms that the famous one “do what you love, you‘ll never work a day in your lifeis very true!



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