VIDEO – The Croatian national tourist board met up with a small group of NRS team paddlers whose curiosity is taking them on a journey through the beautiful Croatian countryside. If you love river kayaking their video will surely give you the desire to come to Croatia and discover its many untouched beauties.

The rivers Mreznica, Korana, Una, Zrmanja and Cetina offer some really fun white water that varies from class 2 to 4 with a lot of travertine waterfalls. Here is some useful information if you decide to come paddling on your own or book an organised kayaking tour.


The most interesting part of the river is in Primislje area where the river canyon is beautiful and offers some great and fun waterfalls.

For a great 2 hour descent you can check out our recommendation for start and finish point (but beware of high water levels in early spring and late fall that can be too dangerous even for rafting!):

If you prefer to book an organised kayaking tour, here is some more information:


If you decide to paddle on your own, you need to buy the entrance (Zrmanja is a part of Velebit Nature Park), feel free to contact us for tickets purchase.

Start and finish:

If you wish to book an organised tour, contact us.

Enjoy the video and hope to paddle with you in Croatia!:)